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Red Pomelo

Red Pomelo

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WAVEX™ Red Pomelo Flavor Taste Buds (3-pack) — Tropical Tang Tropics

Craving the exotic allure of tropical fruits?  Then you must tryout the luscious flavor of ripe red pomelo, bursting with juicy goodness.  Let the tangy sweetness dance on your taste buds like a tropical melody. Close your eyes and savor the moment, as you indulge in the refreshing embrace of pure citrus delight. Experience the essence of red pomelo bliss with every exhilarating sip.

Product Details

3-Pack of Taste Buds can last up to 3 weeks or about 7L of water per Taste Bud.

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Once you place a WAVEX™ order, our goal is to deliver your package within 5~8 business days. For more info. click Shipping Policy below.

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