WAVEX™ started its journey back in 2020 when founder Andreas (MD of a German based company) was traveling back to Germany to visit family from his adopted home of 20+ years in Shanghai, China. During this trip he came across a radio show talking about a radical concept of Flavoring Water through your sense of smell via a process called Retronasal Olfaction. Being someone who never drank enough water since his youth, he was intrigued to learn more.

Andreas learned that dehydration was one of the most common causes of muscle cramps, fatigue, and so many other ailments that people experience on a daily basis.  So, when he returned to Shanghai he got together with a few of his colleagues and friends to begin brainstorming on how to create a system that could provide the benefits of Drinking Pure Clean Water with the Flavors that we love, but without the unhealthy additives and sugars that come with most flavored beverages in the market today. 

Our WAVEX team - Andreas, Gavin, Steel Lee, and Joe

The WAVEX™ Revolution was Born! 

Andreas teamed up with Gavin (an Experienced & Innovative Engineer from Shanghai), Steel Lee (a Manufacturing Powerhouse), and Joe (an American Expat Business Owner).  Putting together this team of dedicated businessmen from around the world is how we were able to bring you this Amazing WAVEX™ Scent-Flavored Water Bottle.