"I drink water throughout the day, but sometimes it's hard to drink as much as I should because I just don't feel like plain water. I hate artificial sweeteners and I also don't want to drink things with artificial flavors or colors either. WaveX is a perfect solution."

-Steve Deering

"I got this as a gift and have been using it non-stop. I have been drinking much more water than before and I'm really impressed with it! This thing rocks!"

-Jacqueline Fines

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I tried the Orange Flavor. It wasn't like freshly squeezed OJ, but it did have just enough scent/flavor to do the job. Nicely Done WaveX. "

-Mike Califano

"What an innovative and much needed product this is. Especially for the kids that are overwhelmed with Sugary Drinks everyday. WaveX is Awesome!"

-Isabella Peters

"My favorite Taste Bud was the Coffee. Can't believe how well it works, just by the Scent.. Pretty Cool."

-Jackson Gate