Can I just drink regular water with Wavex™?

Exactly. Thanks to our Wavex™ technology, you can enjoy all of our delicious flavors while only drinking plain water. It's all achieved through the magic of scent.

What is the duration of the taste buds?

3-Pack of Taste Buds can last up to 3 weeks or about 7L of water per Taste Bud.

Is the taste the same as Fruit Juice or Soda?

We like to say that Wavex™ will be your New healthy beverage of choice , which means we don't have the sugars, calories, or artificial ingredients that are included with your traditional Juice or Soda's. Instead, we delicately infuse your water with just the right amount of scented flavor making it that Preferred Beverage every day.

Are the Taste Bud flavors sourced naturally?

Absolutely! The aroma of our taste buds are derived from natural ingredients – fruits, herbs and spices – encapsulated in a food-grade carrier material.

This ensures no synthetic flavors and no major allergens. Plus, it boasts 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar. Now that's Scentacular!