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Honey Peach

Honey Peach

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WAVEX™ Honey Peach Flavor Taste Buds (3-pack) — Peachy Paradise Pleasure

Craving the juicy sweetness of a ripe peach kissed by golden honey? Set sail on a journey of delectable indulgence with our Honey Peach infusion.  With each sip, transport yourself to a sun-drenched orchard where fragrant peach blossoms fill the air with their sweet aroma. Let the harmonious blend of honey and peach caress your senses like a gentle breeze on a warm summer day.  Experience the essence of sweet serenity with every delicious sip.

Product Details

3-Pack of Taste Buds can last up to 3 weeks or about 7L of water per Taste Bud.

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Once you place a WAVEX™ order, our goal is to deliver your package within 5~8 business days. For more info. click Shipping Policy below.

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